Synode Montreal & Ottawa Conference is one of 13 United Church conferences across Canada. Our conference operates bilingually and changes our logo for the annual AGM according to theme, wording to include English, French and Mohawk. You can see some of the passion we have experienced since 2006 as the logos are scrolling.

    The oversight of the life and work of our approximately 250 congregations is exercised by presbyteries; 4 regional presbyteries and l linguistic, while Conference co-ordinates and oversees matters that effect the combined interests of all. More information is available on the about us page

    We invite you to browse our site in one of our two official languages. Comments or questions may be addressed to our Executive Secretary.

Le Synode Montréal et Ottawa est l’un des 13 synodes de l’Église Unie répartis à travers le Canada. Notre Synode fonctionne de manière bilingue. Chaque année, nous changeons de logo pour notre Assemblée annuelle, et le thème choisi paraît en anglais, en français et en Mohawk. Comme vous pouvez le constater, nos logos depuis 2006 témoignent de notre passion et de notre enthousiasme.

La supervision de la vie et du travail de nos quelque 250 paroisses est assumée par les consistoires. Nous avons 4 consistoires régionaux et un consistoire linguistique. Le Synode pour sa part coordonne et supervise les questions d’intérêt commun. Vous trouverez plus d’information sur la page «Qui sommes-nous?».

Nous vous invitons à naviguer sur notre site dans l’une ou l’autre de nos deux langues officielles. Vous pouvez adresser vos commentaires ou vos questions à notre secrétaire executive .


En priorité

A Prayer for Ottawa


We pray for all the people in Ottawa who are currently in lockdown situations as a result of the shootings that began today at the National War Memorial.

We pray for those who were injured or who have died in this terrifying turn of events.

We pray for the safety of the people on Parliament Hill and in downtown Ottawa, especially those who are actively looking to restore security. 

Teach us, God, how to be faithful during this time of fear and anxiety. 

Une prière pour Ottawa

Ô Dieu,

Nous prions pour tous ces gens à Ottawa présentement confinés à leurs abris du fait de la fusillade d’aujourd’hui au Monument commémoratif de guerre du Canada.

Nous prions pour les personnes blessées ou qui ont perdu la vie dans la foulée de ces évènements terrifiants.

Presbytery Minister - The Ottawa Presbytery of the United Church of Canada

The role of the Presbytery Minister is to: 1) provide leadership facilitating discussion within the Presbytery with regard to the significant changes taking place within the United Church, 2) to oversee the proper administration of the work of the Presbytery and ensure that the duties of the Presbytery are fulfilled, 3) to promote healthy congregational life and be a supportive pastoral support for ministry personnel and staff, and 4) to co-ordinate and facilitate communication within and beyond the Presbytery.

The latest....

Le plus récent ....

French for ministry

Introductory French – Level 1

February 2-6, 2015


Is this for you?

Visit of the Moderator – Visite de le modérateur



Friday, November 7, 2014 – le vendredi 7 novembre 2014

19:30 - Cracks Festival concert – Dominion Chalmers UC


Saturday, November 8, 2014 – le samedi 8 novembre 2014 (Ottawa Presbytery)

9:30 - Workshop at Cracks Festival at Dominion Chalmers

16:30 - Worship at Cracks Festival


Opening the Doors to Generosity / Ouvrir les portes vers la générosité

Montreal and Ottawa Stewardship Event

Friday September 18 - 10 am to Saturday September 19, 2015 - 4 pm

Ramada – 805 Brookdale, Cornwall, Ontario

Donations for the Philippines can help in many ways...


At the Annual General Meeting of May 2014 there was a difficult discussion about sending money to overseas partners. The issue was not about supporting or not, as we all recognize that there are huge needs in many parts of the world.  Indeed, our Conference was extremely generous in responding to the needs of our partners because of Super Typhoon Haiyan last November in the Philippines.  The problem in our meeting arose because of the process. 

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