Synode Montreal & Ottawa Conference is one of 13 United Church conferences across Canada. Our conference operates bilingually and changes our logo for the annual AGM according to theme, wording to include English, French and Mohawk. You can see some of the passion we have experienced since 2006 as the logos are scrolling.

    The oversight of the life and work of our approximately 250 congregations is exercised by presbyteries; 4 regional presbyteries and l linguistic, while Conference co-ordinates and oversees matters that effect the combined interests of all. More information is available on the about us page

    We invite you to browse our site in one of our two official languages. Comments or questions may be addressed to our Executive Secretary.

Le Synode Montréal et Ottawa est l’un des 13 synodes de l’Église Unie répartis à travers le Canada. Notre Synode fonctionne de manière bilingue. Chaque année, nous changeons de logo pour notre Assemblée annuelle, et le thème choisi paraît en anglais, en français et en Mohawk. Comme vous pouvez le constater, nos logos depuis 2006 témoignent de notre passion et de notre enthousiasme.

La supervision de la vie et du travail de nos quelque 250 paroisses est assumée par les consistoires. Nous avons 4 consistoires régionaux et un consistoire linguistique. Le Synode pour sa part coordonne et supervise les questions d’intérêt commun. Vous trouverez plus d’information sur la page «Qui sommes-nous?».

Nous vous invitons à naviguer sur notre site dans l’une ou l’autre de nos deux langues officielles. Vous pouvez adresser vos commentaires ou vos questions à notre secrétaire executive .


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Continuing Education opportunities that will be offered at the United Theological College during the upcoming academic year:


  • Education in the Church (Fall 2017, taught by Dr. Alyson Huntly)
  • Children’s and Youth Ministry in the Way of Jesus (September 2017, facilitated by Dr. Dave Csinos)
  • Cuba Study Tour 2018 (January 2018, led by Dr. Alyson Huntly and Dr. Roland De Vries)
  • Ancient Christian Tales about Jesus: (His)Story through the Eyes of Peasants, Bards, and Biographers


5 Days focused on faith, heart, mind, and skills 
for the art of intercultural ministry

·  Ecumenical + interactive program

·  Practical ideas to use in your own context

5 jours axés sur la foi, le cœur, l'esprit et l'acquisition de compétences dans l'art du ministère interculturel 

·  Programme œcuménique et interactif

Let Justice Roll: Implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples- Canadian churches are committed to the full implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a crucial means for achieving reconciliation between Indigenous and settlers in Canada.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) named the UN Declaration in 16 Calls to Action. In Call to Action 43 the TRC called upon the Government of Canada to “fully adopt and implement” the UN Declaration as “the framework for reconciliation.”


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