Mission and Service Remittances for 2015 is January 29, 2016

Just a reminder as churches tackle their year end reports in preparation for annual meetings please remember your gifts to Mission and Service.

Please ensure all 2015 gifts for Mission & Service are transferred, and received by January 29, 2016 at the General Council Office. To make sure your cheque arrives on time I would mail it no later than January 22nd.


Ministry of Supervision

Learn things and make connections!


In the busy-ness of doing ministry, taking on the role ofnsupervisor, provides a disciplined opportunity for intentional reflection. As a complex vocation, ministry expects much in terms of skills, attitude and competencies. Supervisors are asked to help shape individuals toward integrated faith, and develop ministers who are aware of themselves, others, social context, and the big questions of theology and spirit.

Rev. Ryk Allen has been advocating for Aboriginal rights throughout his career.

Other significant decisions taken at the AGM

Autres décisions importantes prises lors de notre assemblée annuelle

These are the proposals as accepted at the 2015 AGM. There are two groups:  Comprehensive Review, and non-conprehensive review.

  • The first 19 are CRTG proposals; 
  • Proposal 20 and 21 are not CRTG.

Voici les propositions entérinées lors de  l'assembée annuelle 2015. Elles sont de deux ordres :  les propositions concernant la révision globale, et les autres.

  • Les 19 premières propositions concernent la révision globale;
  • les propositions 20 et 21 n'y sont pas reliées.

Those who are interested in the daily events of the Synode M&O Conference AGM will find a brief daily newsletter attached for each day, as it becomes available.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

After 6 years of work, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) will be ending on June 3, 2015.  By way of marking its closing, four full days of events have been planned.  This letter is to highlight some of those events and to encourage you and your congregation to participate in the events, either by attending them in Ottawa if possible or, by developing your own events and celebrating in your own area.  This needs to be a Canada-wide celebration.

Frères et sœurs en Christ,

Après six années de travail, la Commission de vérité et réconciliation (CVR) terminera son mandat le 3 juin 2015. Pour l’occasion, plusieurs évènements sont organisés pendant quatre jours. Cette lettre a pour but de vous en informer et de vous inviter, vous et votre paroisse, à prendre part à ces activités, soit en y participant à Ottawa même si cela est possible, sinon en organisant vous-même un évènement pour souligner cette démarche dans votre milieu. La CVR mérite bien, en effet, une célébration partout au pays.


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