M&O Travelling Road Show, Summerlea United Church, Montreal, QC

2017-03-18 08:45 to 16:30

The Conference Stewardship Committee is looking forward to having you join us for the Stewardship Travelling Road Show for clergy and lay.

Saturday, March 18th at Summerlea United Church, Montreal (Lachine), QC. Lunch and beverages will be provided at both workshops.

It is very important that you register at http://travellingroadshow.weebly.com or with Paul Sales, Conference Financial Development Officer psales@united-Church.ca (613) 841-9291

This workshop will be helpful to Chairs of Boards, Treasurers, Trustees, Stewardship and Mission & Service Committee members. 

Where: Summerleal United Church, 225, 50th Avenue, Montreal (Lachine), Quebec, H8T 2T7

Registration:  http://travellingroadshow.weebly.com

or psales@united-church.ca or Phone 613-841-9291

See attached PDF Flyer for more information!

Bring Your Questions about:


Congregational Asset Management

  • Trusteeship: Buildings & Property
  • Operations & Long-term Planning
  • Investments: The United Church of Canada Foundation

Revenue Generation

  • Congregational Giving: Called to Be the Church
  • Legacy Giving
  • Grants
  • Partnerships

Environmental Stewardship

  • How can our congregation live in respect with creation?

The Narrative Budget

  • What is it? Why should we use it?
  • How do we get started?

Outreach: Stewardship through
Faithful Living

  • Sharing and celebrating all of our personal gifts
  • Mission & Service

The Montreal and Ottawa Conference Travelling Road Show is a good way to start your church year. For the convenience of those members of your congregation who would like to attend this beneficial event we are offering this workshop in two locations on two different locations.  

Join us for an interactive and highly informative workshop for both clergy and lay!

Fee: Free! Lunch included! This event is supported by your gifts to Mission & Service

Workshop Leaders

Larry Richardson, Office Administrator, M&O Conference

Denis Marcoux, M&O Conference Stewardship Consultant

Carolyn Ruda, Chair, M&O Stewardship Committee; and M&O Conference M&S Support

Paul Sales, United Church Financial Development Officer, Quebec and Eastern Ontario