Minister - Glengarry East, Ontario - Seaway Valley Presbytery - 20 hours per week

The position that GEPC is looking to fulfill includes the following elements: Ultimate responsibility: Responsibility for the oversight of three churches with two services each Sunday.

Worship and Sacraments: Organize and lead Sunday services with biblical emphasis; administer the sacraments; perform weddings, baptisms and funerals as required, initiate ideas for special services at various times of the year; provide leadership for Christian education for adults and children.

Pastoral Care: Visit nursing homes and hospitals as required; work with lay members to build a pastoral care team to ensure that the sick, shut-ins and others with special needs are visited when necessary and kept informed of the church’s care for them; support individuals and families in times of crisis.

Administration: Ensure that administrative tasks necessary to maintain the Charge are carried out in an efficient and timely manner in conjunction with secretarial assistance; attend meetings: Official Board (3 times per year plus Joint Session the same evenings), Presbytery meetings (8 times per year) and annual meetings (4 per year—1 in each church and 1 Charge).

Community action and Outreach: Participate in ecumenical activities and encourage congregations to do so; assist in special services at nursing homes; be visible at local community outreach and activities of the church

Projected number of hours for each accountability: Worship and Sacrament: 10 hours per week; Pastoral Care: 5 hours per week; Administration: 3 hours per week; Community outreach: 2 hours per week. Note: This is a guideline only. The hours per category will vary week to week, month to month. These guidelines are meant to be flexible so that the total average hours will not exceed those agreed upon. Time devoted to ecumenical activities, church fund-raisers, attending church dinners, etc. is recommended to approximately 1.5 hours per event. Using a time log kept by the minister and submitted to the M&P committee, time spent will be evaluated to ensure average hours per week are not exceeded.

To apply for this position (or for more information, or to obtain a copy of the full JNAC report), please send a letter of interest/cover letter, resumé, statement of faith, copies of certificates showing completion Boundaries and Racial Justice workshops, and a current (within the past 6 months) Police Records Check – Vulnerable Sector to :

Phone: 613-224-5318 ext 21