Zion-Memorial (Carleton Place, Ontario) is seeking a full-time Ordained Minister

Carleton Place, ON - Located in the heart of our historic town, Zion-Memorial is a hard-working church that has completed a three-year Interim Ministry. We are seeking a full-time ordained minister. We strive to be a safe place where all are heard; communicate our ministry to all; be an inclusive, intergenerational ministry; create linkages to the wider church; be known as a welcoming, fun congregation making a difference in our community, using our new governance model based on the Holy Currencies. Worship and music are important. Pastoral care is key.Our well-maintained building is constantly engaged by the congregation and community. Our minister will be comfortable with both traditional and contemporary theology, as well as administrative and technological tasks. They will help us define more clearly our ministry now and in the years to come. Applications will be received until a suitable candidate is found. Please contact Karen Valley, Search Committee Chair, at 613-882-3114, or zmucsearch@gmail.com and applications can be submitted to Rev. David Timpson at opportunities@bayofquinteconference.ca.