NOMINEES for M&O GC 43 COMMISSIONERS - Information for Genreal Meeting on Friday, July 6, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. attached (with photos) in docx and PDF

Rev. Blair Paterson, Seaway Valley Presbytery, Clergy

I am currently the Chairperson of Seaway Valley Presbytery and a member of the Region 12 Transition Commission. I have served in my current Pastoral Charge for over 15 years and was at GC42. With the exception of a student supply appointment while attending Queen's Theological College and my Settlement Charge: Bonne Bay Pastoral Charge in West District, Newfoundland and Labrador Conference, I have been blessed to serve my ministry in Seaway Valley Presbytery and Montreal & Ottawa Conference. It would mean much to me to see the work of GC42 completed at GC43 and to represent Seaway Valley Presbytery and Montreal & Ottawa Conference.


Rev. Samuel Vauvert Dansokho, Quebec Presbytery, Clergy

Samuel Vauvert Dansokho is born in Saint-Louis, Senegal. Senegal is a buffer country between northern and Sub-Saharan Africa, and a former French colony.  Saint-Louis, a historic city nested between the Senegal River and the Atlantic Ocean, is facing the double thread of desertification and emerging sea level.
The Senegalese population is predominantly Muslim (over 90%) with 20% of followers of traditional religions, 5% of Roman Catholics and 0.01 % of Protestants. 
Samuel's four grandparents were the first to become Christians. He has seven siblings and is married to Selma Chipenda-Dansokho, originally from Angola. Selma and Samuel arrived in Quebec in 2012 from the USA where he taught religion-society and culture for ten years as an associate professor at Hood Theological Seminary (Salisbury, North Carolina). He has earned a master degree at the Faculté de Théologie Protestante of Strasburg (France), then served for nine (09) years the Protestant Church of Senegal before earning a Ph.D. at the Chicago Theological Seminary.
During his tenure at the head of the Protestant Church of Senegal, Samuel was blessed with experiences and responsibilities in the local, continental and global Church (e.g., All Africa Conference of Churches, World Alliance of Reformed Churches and World Council of Churches). 
In Quebec, Samuel first served as the pastor of Saint-Pierre et Pinguet. He now is the pastor of Plymouth-Trinity United Church in Sherbrooke, an Anglophone aging congregation striving to become church in a new way by fostering la Mission Francophone de Sherbrooke, discovering the many challenges and opportunities of a multicultural community of faith, affirming and inclusive of all God's children.
Samuel's passion for justice, mutual respect and solidarity frames his understanding of the Good News as a bridge builder and a follower of Jesus. He is a member of Sherbrooke's local ecumenical committee, Quebec Presbytery and Montreal & Ottawa Conference Executives.  He is also the co-president of la Table des Ministères en français (MIF).
Finally, Samuel life's is filled with moments of grace nourished with meditation and compassion, deep connection with nature, great love for music, soccer and laughter. He will be honored to serve on the Executive of the General Council to share his experience and talents, and bear his part of our collective endeavour, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


MISE DE CANDIDATURES pour M&O DÉLÉGUÉS au CG 43 - Information pour la Réunion générale qui aura lieu le vendredi 6 juillet, 2018 à 13 h 30 en pièce jointe (avec photos) en docx et PDF.


Helen McIntosh, Seaway Valley Presbytery, Lay  

Helen has served on and chaired many committees in her local congregation, Maxville United Church, including Ministry and Personnel, Board of Stewards, and the Official Board.  This is her twelfth year elected as lay Presbytery representative and has contributed to Committees such as Pastoral Care and Oversight, for the Seaway Valley Presbytery.  As well. she has participated in additional committees such as Joint Search Committees, Selection Committees, when called upon. She attended as Commissioner, General Council 41, in Ottawa.  

Extensive work experience both in education and business in Ontario and Quebec and experience working for large organizations as well as much smaller ones is a benefit when contemplating and problem-solving the many issues today. With the sponsorship of the provincial and federal governments, Helen designed and taught a program for ten years for laid off adults to start their own business. 

She is interested in participating in this General Council as it is a pivotal moment in the life of the Church and looks forward to the people and proposals ahead.


Beth Sweetnam, Ottawa Presbytery, Lay

As a lifetime member of the United Church, Beth Sweetnam has been involved in various aspects of church life. She has served on her church council in several different capacities, including four years as the Chair. She has been a Presbytery representative for many years, which has included attending the Montreal Ottawa Conference AGMs. She has participated in two committees of Ottawa Presbytery, Church in Society and Pastoral Relations, and she worked as a Steward at General Council 41.

To summarize Beth's professional background, she is a graduate of Queen's University, a retired teacher/librarian, and a business owner (with her husband and son). She has served on a number of volunteer organizations and was Chair of the Champlain District Health Council for 6 years. As a business owner, she has become very aware of the complexity and challenges of staff relations and employment regulations. She has found this background to be very useful during her past five years on the Pastoral Relations Committee of Ottawa Presbytery. Needless to say, she sees the meeting of General Council 43, and the three years to follow, as a crucial time for our church.

LE Moir, Quebec Presbytery, Lay

Born, raised and still living in Montreal, I am from a family where both parents were lay leaders and Sunday school teachers as well as Presbytery representatives in their younger days. Through their teaching and my own experiences I have followed the United Church from an early age, through a period of questioning and lesser contact, and a return as a stronger-faith person to my present-day association with Church, Presbytery and Community. Since the beginning the Comprehensive Review has been a subject of interest, and the new directions being explored and undertaken are something with which I am very interested in being more involved. I am English speaking while also able to communicate in French and German. I have taught at the University level as well as worked with Community services and in other volunteer capacities since childhood. I am semi-retired with time to devote to new and enriching endeavors, while keeping myself engaged with others, especially with older persons who need attention and care. Over the years I have travelled extensively, learning from different international environments and ways of those in them. I have also been to every Province in Canada (although I am lacking in visiting the Territories in the north), travelling by road and seeing a wide-range of communities and their ways. I bring a varied background and a keen desire to be involved in the shaping of the United Church as we move forward.