8/GLE Glengarry East Charge 2 boxes

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8/GLE Glengarry East Pastoral Charge

Box 1

8/GLE/1 Dalhousie Mills Presbyterian Deacons' Court, Managers, 1854-1908

Congregational Meeting Minutes

8/GLE/2 Dalhousie Mills & Côte St. George Presbyterian/United 1908-1952

Congregational Meeting & Managers' Minutes

8/GLE/3 Dalhousie Mills & Côte St. George Presbyterian/United 1881-1951

Session Minutes

(no.'s 4-100 left for additions)


8/GLE/101 Dalhousie Mills Presbyterian/United Church Women's 1917-1928

Missionary Society Minutes

8/GLE/102 Dalhousie Mills UC WMS Minutes 1929-1935

8/GLE/103 Dalhousie Mills Presbyterian/United Church WMS Account Book 1913-1942

8/GLE/104 Glen Robertson Presbyterian/United Church WMS Cash Book 1920-1944

8/GLE/105 Dalhousie Mills Presbyterian Christian Endeavour Minutes 1896-1905

(no.'s 106-200 left for additions)

Registers of Membership

8/GLE/201 Dalhousie Mills & Côte St. George Presbyterian/United c.1887-1955

Communion Roll, Register

(no.'s 202-215 left for additions)

Registers of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials

8/GLE/216* Register of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, Presbyterian 1863-1867

formerly Mission of St. Justine de Newton (includes Côte St. George, 1887-1915

8/GLE/1 Dalhousie Mills, etc.)

*off-site; see microfilm. Index available in separate binder.

8/GLE/217 Register of Baptism, Marriage, Burials, Dalhousie Mills, 1916-1959

Côte St. George Presbyterian/United Church

8/GLE/218 Marriage Register:

(a) Dalhousie Mills, Côte St. George Presbyterian 1897-1924

(b) Glen Sandfield & Dalhousie Mills United Church 1935-1952

8/GLE/219 Alexandria Presbyterian Marriage Register 1886-1907

(no.'s 220 - 250 left for additions)

Box 2

Annual Reports

8/GLE/251 Annual Reports:

(a) Dalhousie Mills, Côte St. George 1920

(b) Glengarry East Charge 1969,1978- 80


8/GLE/252 Annual Reports, Glengarry East Charge 1991-1995, 1997- 2000

8/GLE/253 Annual Reports, Glengarry East Charge 2001

(no.'s 254-260 left for additions)

Other Records

8/GLE/261 Dalhousie Mills Presbyterian/United Cash Book 1877-1950

8/GLE/262 Document re Sale of Glebe at Côte St. George, 1984

8/GLE/263 A Short History of Glen Sandfield United Church, 1880-1975

8/GLE/264 Historical Data etc. re Côte St. George, 1866-1968

8/GLE/265 Items re Alexandria:

(a) Photo of Church exterior;

(b) Programme for 85th Anniversary, Alexandria WMS, 1961

8/GLE/266 Clippings re Dalhousie Mills United Church

8/GLE/267 Photocopies from N.A.C., MG24, I3, Vol. 8, re Alexandria & Dalhousie Mills

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