Vacancies - Postes vacants

Vacancies - Postes vacants

Thursday, February - Février 9, 2017 - 14:09

This page is dedicated to declared vacancies and special ministries.  Please refer to the Pastoral Relations Policy before making any application.

Cette page est dédié aux postes vacants déclarés et des ministères spécialisés .  Veuillez prendre connaissance de la Politique des relations pastorales avant de faire un demande d'emploi .

Pakenham Pastoral Charge (Bay of Quinte Conference) is seeking a ¾ time qualified person to take on the ministry role within our two-point charge

Thursday, June - Juin 7, 2018 - 11:31

Ordained Minister, Designated Lay Minister or Diaconal Minister

Mountainside United Church, Montreal (Westmount), Quebec, is seeking a full-time Minister

Thursday, May - Mai 31, 2018 - 16:05

Though English is the first language of a large majority of our members, several members of the congregations come from other backgrounds (Filipino, Francophone). A Minister with excellent and straightforward communication skills would be highly valued. Furthermore, someone who could communicate practical applications (ex:"applications for today"), and is energetic, warn and engaging is required.

Église St-Marc (Ottawa, ON), offert d'emploi à temps partiel (75%) dès le 1 juillet 2018

Tuesday, May - Mai 1, 2018 - 15:58

L’Église Unie Saint-Marc est une paroisse francophone interculturelle et multigénérationnelle située au centre-ville d’Ottawa. Elle réunit des personnes de toute la région de la capitale. Elle accueille régulièrement des personnes nouvellement arrivées au Canada, particulièrement des pays francophones d’Afrique, de Haïti ou de Madagascar. Beaucoup parmi eux sont des jeunes adultes et des familles.

United Theological College Interim posting - Principal / Poste à pourvoir – Directrice, directeur provisoire du Séminaire Uni

Tuesday, March - Mars 13, 2018 - 11:06

Interim posting - Principal of UTC

A renewable interim appointment of three years, starting on July 1st, 2018

Nestled in the heart of McGill University’s dynamic downtown campus in the vibrant city of Montréal, Québec, the United Theological College is looking for an individual who will help it achieve its next step on the path to sustainable growth.

The successful candidate will be required to demonstrate:

Experience in transformational leadership and visioning

Poste à pourvoir – Directrice, directeur provisoire du Séminaire Uni

Poste provisoire – mandat de trois ans, renouvelable, débutant le 1er juillet 2018

Situé en plein cœur du centre-ville animé de Montréal, au sein du dynamique campus de l’Université McGill, le Séminaire Uni est à la recherche d’une personne qui l’aidera à franchir la prochaine étape vers une croissance durable.

Metcalfe St. Andrew's United Church is seeking a part-time (20 hrs) Ordained Minister.

Tuesday, March - Mars 6, 2018 - 11:33

The Minister is accountable to the congregation and the Pastoral Charge (through the Congregational Council and the Ministry Personnel Committee) and to Presbytery.

The Minister works to assist the congregation in realizing its Vision and Goals. Duties include administration and leadership, worship, wider United Church involvement, pastoral care, outreach, Christian development, professional development, and ecumenical involvement.

Kanata United Church (Ottawa, ON) is seeking Half-time Children, Youth and Family ministry position. Start date - July 1, 2018

Monday, February - Février 26, 2018 - 10:47

Kanata United Church is an active Ottawa congregation, seeking both a full-time ordained minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care and a half-time minister for our thriving Children, Youth and Family ministry who will work together to balance the congregational needs.  We are looking for leaders who are committed and equipped to enable our congregation to be effective followers of Jesus’ way. 

Greenfield Park United Church (Greenfield Park, Quebec) is seeking a full-time Minister

Wednesday, February - Février 21, 2018 - 15:57

Greenfield Park United Church is searching for a full-time minister either ordained or diaconal who is patient, compassionate and approachable and has the ability to work with diverse groups. We are looking for someone with organizational and leadership skills. The position is accountable to the Quebec Presbytery and to the Pastoral Charge through the Ministry and Personnel Committee.

Cowansville Area Pastoral Charge (Cowansville, Quebec) is seeking a full-time or part-time Minister

Wednesday, February - Février 21, 2018 - 15:43

Cowansville Area Pastoral Charge Living Mission Statement:

We, the people of the Cowansville Area Pastoral Charge, as members of the United Church of Canada, believe that we are called by God to follow the teachings and example of Jesus, and be faithful and open to the Holy Spirit on our journey.

St-Andrew’s United Church (Williamstown, Ontario) is seeking a full-time, Ordained Minister

Thursday, February - Février 8, 2018 - 15:08

St-Andrew’s United Church (Williamstown, Ontario) is seeking a full-time, Ordained Minister, who is caring and engaging, who focuses on strengthening relationships with new and existing members, focusing on young families. Someone who is open to regular visitation with existing members, regular meetings on various committees, someone who will represent the church with honour and respect. To apply, please contact: Rev. Whit Strong, Synode Montreal & Ottawa Conference Personnel Minister (West), 6 Epworth Avenue, Nepean, ON K2G 2L5, (613) 224-5318 ext.